Cerafill Powered by Redken Hair Care System Review #sponsored #Cerafill

Cerafill Powered by Redken Hair Care System Review #sponsored #Cerafill

Cerafill Powered by Redken Hair Care System

New Cerafill is the first professional solution that provides:

  • Proven results
    – Instant thickening and hair regrowth over time
  • Easy to navigate
    – Universal systems
  • Dual expertise
    – Dermatologist endorsed
    – Stylist expertise

cerafill powered by redken review


The Defy Shampoo and Conditioner are powerful formulas with zinc PCA, a known DHT’ inhibitor (DHT is a toxin that blocks…

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Bounty of tomatoes #whatscooking

Bounty of tomatoes #whatscooking

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset Preorder Today - You Don’t Want to Miss It!!

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset Preorder Today – You Don’t Want to Miss It!!

Sunset Return to Annie Crow Knoll… a place where people come to restore their spirits, heal their pain and reclaim their lives.

Nate Bidwell blamed his mother Annie for his parents’ divorce. Buried hurts and resentments between mother and son make Nate reluctant to risk his heart when his childhood friend Beth Ann offers him her own. Instead, he allows himself to fall in love with the fragile and…

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The Chronicles of Steele is Free Today

The Chronicles of Steele is Free Today

Chronicles1bannerHuman life has value.
The poor living in the gutter is as valuable as the rich living in a manor.
The scoundrel is no less valuable than the saint.
Because of this, every life a reaper takes must be redeemed.

Raven has lived by this first tenet since she was trained by her father to become a reaper. But since his death, she’s been spending years redeeming the lives she’s taken. By her count,…

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No, the picture’s not tilted. #napaquake

No, the picture’s not tilted. #napaquake

Napa Earthquake 2014 - We Survived!!

Napa Earthquake 2014 – We Survived!!

Originally I was going to write a post today about our new bunny, Pippin.  I promise that post will be coming next week.  Something happened early in the morning, though, which I felt deserved more immediate attention.

At 3:30 a.m. on August 24, 2014 I woke up screaming.  Our bedroom was completely dark but it felt like the bed was spinning and there was a sound like a freight train.  20 seconds…

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Dream Killers Book Review

Dream Killers Book Review

Dreamkillersbanner1 Title: Dream Killers (Season 1)

Series: The Dream Killers

Author: S.M. Blooding

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Whistling Book Press

Release Date: July 2014

Format: Kindle/paperback

Pages: 325 pages

DK S1 CoversThe Sea of Dreams spat me out with no memories, no idea of who I was or what my purpose might be. When Captain Bo, dream killer extraordinaire, arrived, I took a chance to explore. On the road of…

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Gift Cards Save Money When You #ShopSmarter at Safeway

Gift Cards Save Money When You #ShopSmarter at Safeway

gift cards save moneyAs I’ve mentioned in the past, Safeway is one of my favorite grocery stores.  I love their sales, especially the Just For U deals and I love to make a game out of finding ways to earn more gas reward points.

For example, this weekend only (8/16-8//19), Safeway is running a special on gift card multi-packs.  You get 15% off gift card multi-packs, including Fandango, TGIFridays, Xbox, Cold Stone,…

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Mercy Killing Book Review

Mercy Killing Book Review

mercy killing book reviewTitle: Mercy Killing

Author:Kathryn Johnson

Genre: Suspense

Publisher: Kathryn Johnson

Release Date: July 2014 (2nd edition

Format: Kindle/paperback

Pages: 272 pages

Artist and Washington, D.C. socialite Mercy O’Brien Davis married for love and gave up a promising job as a Smithsonian curator to support her husband’s diplomatic career. But while accompanying him to Mexico City, she learns  her…

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Fried Polenta with Fried Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Polenta with Fried Tomatoes Recipe

fried polenta with fried tomatoes recipeI love polenta.  Creamy, fried, or grilled – doesn’t matter to me.  Cheesy or smothered in marinara sauce – it’s all good.  Whenever I want a treat that’s low in calories, fat and sodium, polenta is what I think of (unless you opt for the creamy or cheesy versions ;-)

Lately I’ve been lazy and opting for the store-bought version.  But store-bought generally tastes a little more manufactured, if…

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